How to Promote Your Branding

Real Estate Service Providers in Lucknow, India

Company brand identity must be at the very heart of every marketing campaign company implement. Every hoarding, print and electronic media, newsletter, email, Facebook post, “tweet,” blog and brochure must support company branding. Even the way you answer company staff/reception phone should give customers a sense of what your company is about. Promoting company brand doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. “My promotion does not have to be wide scale or expensive, it is more about direct marketing, and only hits the people that I want to inform. I use online and offline methods such as email newsletters, website and blogging. Offline methods include some, hoarding, road-shows, other dynamic mode,  direct mail pieces [and] promotions specific to certain buildings in Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.,” says ANSARI.