Farm House

Farm House Development is able to effectively manage designers, contractors, architects, and engineers to deliver an environment that will meet the customer’s needs. MRI’s vast experience across each of these elements means that he understands how all of the steps are connected and accounted for.

MRI creates plans based on his customers’ needs and implements plans that are already in place. Negotiating, researching, and lobbying are tedious and difficult tasks, but MRI’s experience takes the stress away from you, so you can focus on your business. With Farm House Development’s involvement in building projects, all of those little pieces begin to fall neatly into place.

Development Services include:

  1. Due diligence

  2. Feasibility analysis

  3. Project budgetinge

  4. Lobbying government officialse

  5. Conduct necessary public meetingsce

  6. Solicit and evaluate contractors and vendors

  7. Obtain necessary permits and approvals

  8. Easement acquisition

  9. Utility and government agency coordinatione

  10. Payment authorizatione