MRI's construction services team have the combined knowledge, experience and capability to guide our clients projects from design to completion.

Our open-book approach gives clients access to project documents. Clients also receive notice of aesthetic, schedule and cost trade-offs in advance of program and design decisions. For additional transparency, owners can be involved during each stage of the process from pre-construction and trade contractor selection through construction and closeout.

We offer variations of fee-based construction management combined with at-risk features, such as fixed-priced general conditions and guaranteed maximum price contracts. Our approach to at-risk work provides clients with the benefits of our technical services, project management and site supervision - combined with an agreed upon price and/or project schedule.

Construction Management-as-Agent

The genius of Construction Management is the collaboration and cooperation it facilitates between the project team during pre-construction.

Construction Management quickly became the favoured approach to project delivery for savvy clients seeking to reduce overall project costs and expedite the schedule. Today, we’re taking Construction Management a step further through the use of Lean Construction principles, which focus on creating greater value for the client through an integrated, collaborative approach to construction that evaluates total project performance and involves subcontractors, manufacturers, fabricators and designers during the design process.

Lean Construction reduces overall waste and simplifies decision-making, enabling the project team to accomplish your milestones with the greatest possible efficiency.

Construction Management-at-Risk

We can perform at-risk work under a variety of guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract structures, and will work in concert with our clients to develop a mutually-agreeable risk structure that ensures the project is optimality planned and executed.

From Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) arrangements to fully-designed projects seeking a lump sum contract, Our Partners will tailor our suite of at-risk services to meet the unique demands of our client and work together with the entire project team to execute the most demanding construction projects for a guaranteed maximum price.

Our at-risk delivery approaches include:

  1. CM with a GMP

  2. General contracting

  3. CM as constructor

  4. CM with fixed general conditions

  5. Owner Representation

    As the owner’s representative Partners can serve as an extension of the owner’s staff, supported by a full complement of our in-house preconstruction and construction specialists in all relevant disciplines, and manage the entirety of the pre-construction, construction, and close-out phases of a project, ensuring its successful execution.

    Because of our current expertise building some of the most complex construction projects in the country, our internal construction resources are comprehensive and informed by the current marketplace. This means we can offer clients a level of budget and schedule certainly that exceeds what can be provided by traditional owner’s representative firms.

    In addition, our construction expertise enables our owner’s representatives to take a holistic approach to project development and execution. Our Partners can offer strategic advice to our clients during the design development and preconstruction phases of a project that is informed by the best practices being implemented on all of our construction projects nationwide.


    As a third-party manager, our personnel are capable of overseeing all aspects of a client’s project, including estimating, scheduling, design, engineering, contracting, community relations, safety programs, labour, cost control and coordination with the owner and architect. To ensure clear and ongoing communication, our project teams are accessible to clients and dedicated to their needs and requirements throughout the project’s life cycle.

    We accomplish this with specialized teams that are composed of both project management and site supervision professionals. We deliver these services through support from our in-house technical groups, providing services that include budgeting; domestic and global procurement; scheduling and logistics; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; structural engineering; and building enclosures.